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  • Fun, floating trampoline for all ages

  • 14-by14-foot by 36-inch (W x H x D) trampoline with ten-foot jump surface

  • Includes SwimStep acess platform accessory

  • Constructed of heavily-reinforced, high-quality Duratex material with HA Weld seams

  • Lifetime warranty covers any and all manufacturing defects

  • Product Description

    Designed for outstanding bounce and durability each SuperTramp incorporates all the premium features necessary for years of fun! Eight sided Octane frame and six inch powder coated springs support larger jump surface and provide superior bounce. Each trampoline comes complete with Swim Step access platform, heavy duty boarding handles, and anchor bridle. Choose from a wide selection of innovative accessories to create your own unique aquapark. Connect accessories using the integrated Iterloc system.

    Enjoy an exciting day on the water with the Aquaglide Platinum SuperTramp Water Trampoline, a floating playground for all ages. Designed for outstanding bounce and durability, each SuperTramp incorporates an eight-sided Octane frame and six-inch powder-coated springs to support a large ten-foot bounce surface and provide superior bounce (an optional Stainless spring kit is available for salt water environments). Each trampoline comes complete with a SwimStep access platform (which attaches using the integrated Interloc system), heavy-duty boarding and transport handles, and anchor bridle. A wide selection of additional accessories is sold separately to customize your own unique aquapark via the Interloc system.


    • Octane: Eight-sided Octane trampolines allow a larger sweet spot because the springs pull in different ways. While some springs pull directly to the center, others create an overlapping web of Octane power. This overlap produces a vastly superior bounce over a larger surface area--Octane trampolines offer 10% more jump surface than the same size round frame. More space, more value, and more fun.
    • Duratex: Duratex material is commercial-grade, fabric-reinforced PVC. Each Aquaglide Platinum item uses Duratex material for strength and durability, and the Rebound incorporates 500d fabric fused with layers of 28 oz PVC.
    • Interloc: Aquaglide Platinum items connect to one another using the Interloc system. Soft webbing offers flexibility while remaining tough, blending the convenience of a cinch with the security of a locking connection.
    • SwimStep: The access platform is a convenient way to board the aquapark and adds space to each Platinum item. Incorporates heavy-duty molded boarding handles and connects to the Rebound using the Interloc system.
    • UV Block: Ultraviolet (UV) damage is typically the biggest culprit in shortening the life of commercial watersports products. Consequently, each Aquaglide Platinum item is treated with UV Block, the highest grade three-year UV coating available.
    • HA Weld: Hot Air (HA) welding is the process used to fuse DuraTex material seams. HA welding produces clean, strong seams with no unsightly glue marks or splits.
    • UP Grip: The SuperTramp includes two convenient climbing handles allow for boarding and/or climbing while staying out of the way for other activities.

    Manufacturer's Warranty
    Lifetime warranty: each SuperTramp offers a lifetime warranty covering any and all manufacturing defects for recreational use.

    Aquaglide Platinum SuperTramp Water Trampoline - B0028X6J4S

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