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  • Innovative flight and shaft system

  • The "push in" system provides easy insertion of flight into the shaft

  • The flight is pre-molded so it retains the 90 degree angles

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  • The GEAR Hybrid Shafts from Cosmo Darts.

    Fit Flight is an innovative flight and shaft system. In most ordinary and common flight and shaft systems installation requires sliding fins into 4 narrow slots, and this old style method requires the use of many small parts for locked type flights and or unwanted holes in the flight itself making the flight more susceptible to falling off the shaft. Besides the fact that handling these small parts can be difficult or tedious, causing unnecessary stress and distraction to the player during practice or competition.

    The Fit Flight system was developed by Cosmo Darts as a superior alternative to the old system, and to help players elevate their game! is one of the leading distributors of Cosmo Darts Products. We carry all Fit Flight shapes which include Standard, Pear, Kite, Super Shape, Shape, Slim, F-Shape, W-Shape, Rocket and Super Kite. We also carry all of the Carbon shafts, Hybrid and Slim shafts, Cases, and any other products that Cosmo darts sells

    Green Fit Shaft GEAR - Hybrid Spinning - B00KVNF7I6

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