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  • Product of Kamui Brand® - Action for Pink Ribbon

  • Limited Edition ONLY - Suitable for the left hand (right handed players) or the right hand (left handed players), the Kamui PINK glove is specifically design to improve today's game performance with confident support from Kamui Brand®

  • Made of quick-drying, smooth and stretchable fabric to provide comfortable fit on your hands even when playing for a long time, the smooth texture of the glove guarantee your smooth strokes, accurate shooting and speed regardless of sweaty hands, perfect fluidity allows you deeper focus into your game

  • Anti-slip pad attached to the palm to provide excellent support to your bridge hand which allows more confidentce in your game and your bridge hand has one fabric to slide the shaft through for a consistent feeling of stroke - listen to the silence of the fluidity in your game!

  • Bae's package included : 1 x Kamui Brand® PINK Glove + Bae's Seasonal Tip & Chalk Gift Set

  • Billiard Glove by Kamui Brand® - How to Determine Hand Size? Lay your hand, palm down, on a piece of paper. Draw a line on each side of your palm at the widest point exclude your thumb. If the distance between the two lines is: ( 2.95" - 3.26" / 75mm-83mm = Small ) / ( 3.303" - 3.46" / 84mm-88mm = Medium ) / ( 3.54" - 3.74" / 90mm- 95mm = Large ) / Other measurement datas out of this chart, go for XS or XL!

    Kamui Action for Pink Ribbon Professional Billiard PINK Glove Limited Edition for Carom Pool Left / Right Handed Players Available Size XS / S / M / L / XL - B0777R9SQV

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